Frequently Asked Question - What is DAVID

What is DAVID

DAVID is a configuration of OS-9/OS-9000 targeted towards the Interactive TV Set Top Box (STB) market. DAVID stands for Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder. The unique characteristics of DAVID are that it will always include the following I/O subsystems:
  • SPF - Serial Protocol File Manager. Manages high speed, packet based, streaming networks. Uses protocol modules to add support for X.25, UDP/IP, Q.2931, etc.
  • MPFM - Motion Picture File Manager. Manages the decompression and display of MPEG encoded audio and video.
  • MAUI - Multimedia Application User Interface. Manages graphics overlay devices. MAUI replaces the RAVE product used in previous systems, do to problems with speed and real time responsiveness.
  • SCF - Sequential Character File Manager. Handles infra red remote controls or tethered joysticks, gamepads, etc.
Like all OS-9 systems, DAVID may be expanded with any other file managers, but these are considered the base case set.